Dickens-Festival-Logo-533x200It’s the 13th year to celebrate Dickens at the Stadium Historic Business District. This wonderful English novelist has given us comedy, pathos, and a revival of the Christmas holiday traditions of tree lighting and helping to consider others more needy than ourselves.

Many phrases from Dickens have become part of our vernacular like “Bah Humbug,”  “You’re a Scrooge!” and “Great Expectations”. Even the phrase “Butter Fingers” originated with Dickens to describe a clumsy person. After Shakespeare, Dickens is one of the best known creative geniuses.  One of the habits Dickens did was to walk every day and on these walks–for miles and miles–he came up with the characters and voices that would people his novels. His works were published in magazines as serials or pamphlets before they became books.

Read Dickens.  Many of his works are now available in full online.

The name Charles Dickens creates visions of plum pudding and cozy firesides, but also of homeless and starving children, misers, and mean school-masters in a 19th century London divided by class: the rich and the poor. Young Charles Dickens survived London’s rough streets. Largely self-educated, he became the greatest writer of his age.

Born on February 7, 1812, Charles’s father was unable to make ends meet and was thrown into “Debtor’s Prison.” Twelve year old Charles was removed from school and put to work at a boot-blacking factory earning only six shillings a week to support the family. This experience defined his life, and Charles became a strong advocate for social reform creating awareness of abuse and need in his fifteen major novels. He died on June 9, 1870.

Come to the Dickens Festival at Stadium and enjoy meeting many of the characters from Dickens’ novels on the streets and at performing venues.