Victorian Costume Ideas


Hats are a must! Trim them with feathers, flowers, ribbons, and bows. Create a Victorian bonnet from an felt hat–you can pick one up at a thrift shop.

Victorian dresses had a high neckline, sometimes with a collar and fitted bodice, and a very full, long skirt. A cloak or a shawl will complete your outfit.


Again a hat is a must!  Add a plain white shirt and turn the collar up. Add a ribbon, scarf and knot in front. Pants should be tapered in black, grey or buff. A working man would wear a baggy pair of pants in wool or corduroy.


Boys wore trousers, shirts and coats. A cap was also common. Girls – wore low frocks fastened behind, and short sleeves.


If you just don’t feel creative visit Northwest Costume on 6th Avenue and let them help you create the perfect costume for this fun event!

For additional tips visit a public library for books about costuming. Rent an old Charles Dickens classic turned into a movie, such as Oliver or A Christmas Carol.  Dressing in Victorian fashion for Dickens Festival at Stadium adds to the festival enjoyment, and makes visitors part of the festival instead of just observers. (There are many fine thrift shops in the area that can help you create an outfit.)