About Dickens Festival at Stadium

It’s the 12th year to celebrate Dickens at the Stadium Historic Business District. This wonderful English novelist has given us comedy, pathos, and a revival of the Christmas holiday traditions of tree lighting and helping to consider others more needy than ourselves. Many phrases from Dickens have become part of our vernacular like “Bah Humbug,”  “You’re a Scrooge!” and “Great Expectations”. Even the phrase “Butter Fingers” originated with Dickens to describe a clumsy person. After... read more

Victorian Costume Ideas

Ladies Hats are a must! Trim them with feathers, flowers, ribbons, and bows. Create a Victorian bonnet from an felt hat–you can pick one up at a thrift shop. Victorian dresses had a high neckline, sometimes with a collar and fitted bodice, and a very full, long skirt. A cloak or a shawl will complete your outfit. Gentlemen Again a hat is a must!  Add a plain white shirt and turn the collar up. Add a ribbon, scarf and knot in front. Pants should be tapered in black, grey or buff. A... read more